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HELLO AND WELCOME! to the potc_altdmc_ooc!
If you are not a member of the community, feel free to put it on watch. If you have any feedback for us, please put it HERE.

Player's Contact Info

00.) potc_altdmc is a community filled with a group of talented, dedicated people who just can't get enough Pirates of the Caribbean!
01.) This community begins it's story during Dead Man's Chest, when Elizabeth, Jack, and Norrington uncover the chest.
02.) Characters mainly from the first movie are woven in, creating a storyline it Tortuga that will eventually cross with the basic plot of DMC.
03.) Each player works closely with each other to ensure a consistant storyline while staying true to the characters.
04.) Each week, the brillant distelhad writes a Week Wrap-Up; a log containing a summary of everything that's happened in the storyline during the week. This posts can be easily accessed through memories.
05.) Many of the players update thier character journals... so be sure to check them out!

The Cast

Cap't Jack Sparrow: x_cpnjsparrow_x played by who_la_hoop (Rachel)
Will Turner: x_willturner_x played by who_la_hoop (Rachel)
Elizabeth Swann: missxswann played by whisper_lillies (Charli*Ann, ze mod)
Norrington: jas_norrington played by bombazzinedoll (Meg)
Ragetti: oneeyedgit played by dirty_baka (Spug)
Jack (The Monkey): x_jackthemonkey played by i_see_it_in_you (Karii)
Mullroy: t_mullroy played by jstgettinstrted (Sarah)
Murtogg: bpisarealship played by sk_chan (Sk-Chan )
Barbossa: x_barbossa_x played by nikkernoodle (Nikki)
Anamaria: x_anamaria_x played by distelhad (Distel)
Giselle: x_giselle_x played by bonnie_lass_luv (Tanya)
Gillette: x_gillette_x played by nikkernoodle (Nikki)
Groves: j_groves played by jstgettinstrted (Sarah)
Davy Jones: davy_joness played by smlmedlrge (Sarah)
Cutler Beckett: lord_beckett played by theguiltyone (Bindiya)
Tia Dalma: tiadalma_x played by kiki_1887 (Kiki)

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