look now what I found ... *grins and hugs you all* I know, I know, probably no one will see this just thought I'd pass on a hug and tell I've been rereading old posts with a happy grin on my face ;)

what to do....

Okay. Should Tia and Barbossa keep playing the guessing game unitl everyone gets to the hut or... Should we somehow find out it's Davy and launch a counter-attack, somthing that could get in his way a bit?

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  Hey people.  Well guess what?  Shanna wants to go on a family vacation to "aquaint" with us.  I swear, I am going to pound the hell out of that woman if she calls me a brat one more time... well anyways, I won't be here for a week.  Way to waste my fallbreak.
xxxholic - himawari flowers in her hair

just a quick note...

Hi everyone,

I apologize if I sound bitchy, so feel free to hit me if I do, but I just want to remind everyone that you do not need to have everyone (or anyone) in a certain thread on at that moment in time to be able to post in it. In fact, it would further things along faster if we didn't.

*cough* So anyway, I apologize again for the bitchyness. To make up for it, I offer:
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